Environments for Electronics Control Station Consoles
Custom Electronics Enclosures
Mobile Electronics Carts


Mobile Electronics Carts Medical Carts,
Carts for Manufacturing
and Tech Environments.


Enclosures for Electronics Racks, Outdoor Enclosures,
Street Cabinets,
Electronics Chassis.


Control Station Consoles Aerospace, Transportation,
Municipal, Security,
Financial Services, and More




  • Knurr mobile electronics carriers, mobile electronics carts, medical carts

    Electronics Carts
    Medical Carts

    Protect your investment in electronics with superior mobile electronics carts for manufacturing, medical, and service operations of all types.

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  • Knurr Racks and Enclosures

    19-inch Racks
    Custom Enclosures

    Superior design and materials. 19-inch Server Racks, Custom Electronics Racks, Outdoor Enclosures, Street Cabinets, and Electronics Chassis.

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  • Knurr Control Station Consoles

    Control Station

    The world's finest design and construction. Height-adjustable surfaces, powered lifting mechanisms, modular construction, advanced ergonomics..

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  • Custom and OEM design solutions for control station consoles and mobile electronics carriers

    Custom OEM Design

    All of our product lines consist of fully customizable designs. Modular construction and expandability allows for full customization wthout the typical expense.

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Why Knurr?

  • All Knurr product designs are modular, drawing from a huge parts library. This provides superior configurability, flexibility, customization, and reduced time-to-market. It dramatically increases the effective range of applications where Knurr items can be found. Plus you get the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that Knurr products are built from components that have been thoroughly field-tested.
  • Knurr products are all customizable. Due to the highly modular nature of the product line and the broad parts catalog available, Knurr products can be customized and configured for a broad range of applications. The modular nature of the product line also allows for custom designs at a fraction of the cost of purely one-off designs.
  • Knurr products are engineered in Germany and built in the United States by Extron. They are constructed from precision components, including patented aluminum extrusions capable of supporting tremendous weight and integrated into highly stable designs. They feature high-strength an high-durability materials, and thoughtful high-quality work surfaces. There are no finer examples of technical furniture -- enclosures, control room consoles, and mobile electronics carts -- on the planet.
  • Knurr products are all designed with the utmost ergonomic considerations. Adjustable work surfaces, monitor heights and angles, edges, finishes, and materials all demonstrate the well-engineered and thoughtful approach taken by our designers. There are no finer examples of technical furniture and enclosures for electronics on the planet!
UL Registered Firm ISO 9001:2015 UL Registered Firm ISO 13485:2003
Extron, Inc., North American manufacturer for Knurr products, is proud and excited to be the first DQS customer to be certified to the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard. This would not have been possible without the effort of all Extron employees and the auditing staff provided by DQS-US.

MEET EXTRON: North America manufacturer for Knurr Products


Clients include:

  • Knurr products in Aerospace and Defense
  • Knurr products in Automotive
  • Knurr products in Medical Industry
  • Knurr proudcts in Manufacturing
Seven Key Challenges
in Medical Cart DesignDiscover a set of challenges that can unnecessarily increase costs and create design issues in your medical cart solutions
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